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Clinical neurophysiology

Neurophysiological methods evaluate the function and diseases or injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system by analyzing the electrical signals generated in the nerve and muscle cells as well as in the cortical neurons. The most common diagnostic methods for diagnosis include neurography (ENeG), electromyography (EMG) and electroencephalography (EEG). The investigations are conducted by biomedical technologists and physicians in clinical neurophysiology, which is an independent neurological specialty in Sweden. The planning and conductance of the studies are determined by clinical neurological symptoms and issues. In the final assessment, the neurophysiological and clinical findings are combined.


Research award Region Uppsala to Professor Anna Rostedt Punga for research on myasthenia gravis. Read more (swedish).
The award ceremony takes place at Medfarms fakultetskollegium June 9th 2022.

Training Course in EMG, Neurography and Ultrasound
Uppsala October 3-6, 2022

National Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology takes place in Uppsala 2022. Nationial congress Clinical Neurophysiology 2-4 February 2022

Research results from Uppsala University Hospital:
Critical illness polyneuropathy, myopathy and neuronal biomarkers in covid-19 patients: a prospective study.

Interview with professor Anna Rostedt Punga on Swedish Television news program regarding journalistic scrutiny on side effects of botox.
Botoxskador misstas för allvarlig muskelsjukdom | SVT Nyheter

Professor Anna Rostedt Punga has received a project grant of SEK 2.3 million from the Swedish Research Council for Medicine and Health, on 2 November. The project "Microtechnological system for human autoimmune and viral neurological diseases" aims to support the development of human cell systems to study primarily myasthenia gravis and autoimmune encephalitis. Read more

Recent studies published in Clinical Neurophysiology by Professor Anna Rostedt Punga and Specialist physician Maarika Liik has been tweeted by Social Media Editor, Clinical Neurophysiology, Official Journal of International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology. See tweet.

Anna Rostedt Punga has obtained the announced chair professorship in clinical neurophysiology at the Department of Neuroscience, Uppsala University, from March 1, 2020. This professorship is associated with employment as a consultant physician in clinical neurophysiology at Uppsala University Hospital. The decision was based on the documented ability to obtain funding for research in competition and her ability to lead and develop research and education at the research level together with pedagogical and clinical skills.

The Bissen Brainwalk Foundation provides SEK 750,000 in favor of brain research to researchers Anna Rostedt Punga, Pär Nyström, Karl Sjölin and Joakim Burman at Uppsala University.
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